A Legacy Supporting Coal-Fired Power Plants


Ensure the lights stay on – and your community stays safe and supported. For over 100 years, coal-fired power plants worldwide have depended on Philadelphia Gear equipment to deliver uninterrupted, affordable energy.

With over 130 years of mechanical expertise, and as part of the Timken Power Systems network, we deliver durable gear drive, generator, and electric motor solutions – all covered by our industry-best warranty. And with six independently ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities across North America, you get the customized solutions to deliver uninterrupted power, reliably.

Trusted Coal Solutions Across Critical Areas

From excavation to power generation, we develop and service gear drives as well as other mission-critical rotating machinery that make it happen.

Power Plant Critical Processes

Power Plant Critical Processes

Keep your plant running reliably with Philadelphia Gear equipment. Whether it’s crushing coal, preheating air used in boiler combustion, running critical pumps that supply essential water, or speeding up generators, our equipment supports every step of the process.

Coal Handling

Coal Handling

Philadelphia Gear high-horsepower gear drives power some of the steepest angle and highest tension slope belts found in North America’s overland coal conveyors.

Storage and Reclamation

Storage and Reclamation

Our gearboxes power conveyors in some of the industry’s largest stacker/reclaimer machines. With boom lengths reaching up to 100 feet long and stacking capacities of over 12,000 tons per hour, our rugged equipment keeps operations running smoothly.


  • Air preheater gearboxes (drives)
  • Atomizer (flue-gas desulfurizer) gearboxes and drives
  • Ball mill pulverizer gearboxes (drives)
  • Bevel helical gearboxes
  • Bevel helical gears
  • Boiler feed pump gearboxes (drives)
  • CE gearboxes
  • CE pulverizer gearboxes
  • Classifier gearboxes (drives)
  • Coal power plant feeder drives
  • Condensate pump gearboxes (drives)
  • Conveyor gearboxes (drives)
  • Cooling tower gearboxes (drives)
  • Dynamic pulverizer gearboxes (drives)
  • Gearbox repair
  • Gearbox replacement parts
  • Gearboxes and gear drives
  • In-line epicyclic gearboxes
  • Induced draft fan gearboxes (drives)
  • MBF coal pulverizer gearboxes
  • MPS 89 gearboxes
  • Parallel shaft gearboxes
  • Stacker/reclaimer gearboxes (drives)
  • Underground coal mine feeder drives
  • Underground coal mine longwall face conveyor drives
  • Underground mine slope belt conveyor drives
  • Underground mine slope belt conveyor gearboxes


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Proven Solutions for Your Complete Drivetrain System

Philadelphia Gear operates at the core of critical applications, providing a complete range of custom-engineered products and services to keep operations running reliably.

  • 1
    Gear drive repair
  • 2
    New and replacement gear drive expertise
  • 3
    Gear drive replacement parts
  • 4
    Onsite technical services
  • 5
    Drivetrain solutions

1 Gear drive repair

Any gear brand. Any time. Discover our world-class inspection, overhaul, and upgrade services.

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2 New and replacement gear drive expertise

Prevent unplanned downtime with advanced engineering and design processes backed by over a century of manufacturing expertise.

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3 Gear drive replacement parts

Save time and eliminate worry knowing your parts are built to exacting OEM specifications, operating as well as, or better than, the originals.

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4 Onsite technical services

Focus on your core business – our experts come to your location. Explore gear drive installation, repair, alignment, emergency services, and more.

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5 Drivetrain solutions

As part of Timken Power Systems, we deliver a complete suite of electromechanical products and services from one trusted source.

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