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Why should I choose Philadelphia Gear to service Philadelphia Gear brand products?

In addition to potentially voiding any warranties, by using another service provider you may end up with an inferior product – putting your operations at risk. As the exclusive provider and intellectual property owner of all Philadelphia Gear brand gearboxes, only we can guarantee the most up-to-date product design details to keep your operations running reliably.

How do I reach someone for emergency services?

Call us toll free, 24/7/365, at 800-766-5120. For less urgent scenarios, you can also contact your regional facility or connect directly with your regional sales manager or territory account manager. Learn more here.

How long do new builds typically take?

Lead times vary by application and situation, ranging from weeks to months. We build every gearbox to your specifications, meeting our delivery times – or delivering early – in over 90% of our projects. Contact us to receive a quote today.


How long does equipment servicing typically take?

Total servicing time varies by application, ranging from days to months. In every case, our Onsite Technical Services team is available 24/7/365 to run to your problem.

We understand every minute of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars, and that is why we make our 100% TSB pledge. We strive with every project to be 100% OnTime, 100% OnSpec, and 100% OnBudgetContact us to get a quote for your application today.

What’s the average investment for a new gearbox installation or service?

Costs can range from tens to hundreds of thousands, depending on the application. Our prices reflect the quality of our work. We build our gearboxes to last – with the proper maintenance, it’s not uncommon for our products run reliably for half a century.

What upgrading and uprating capabilities does Philadelphia Gear offer?

We support a wide range of upgrading and uprating services to help you adapt your operations, improve efficiency, and lower costs versus purchasing a new gearbox.

Our team of experts has deep experience increasing rating standards (AGMA or API) on your existing equipment, enabling it to handle new requirements and output. We can also upgrade equipment with new materials and other enhancements to ensure smoother, more efficient performance. Learn more here.

Can Philadelphia Gear repair or reverse engineer equipment from other OEM brands?

Yes, we can service or build equipment from virtually any other brand. Our team of experts uses sophisticated equipment to disassemble, measure, image, and evaluate equipment, ensuring that it matches your footprint and meets or exceeds its previous performance.

Can Philadelphia Gear service equipment onsite at my facility?

Yes, our dedicated specialists provide the expertise and the tools to perform a wide variety of repairs onsite. Depending on your needs, we can also ship your equipment or part to a local repair facility to reduce lead times. Click here to learn more about our Onsite Technical Services.

What is the process for having Philadelphia Gear inspect my equipment?

Give us a call. For existing customers, we recommend contacting your territory account specialist, who can provide the highest level of technical expertise on their products and applications. Costs and processes may vary for emergency services, depending on the depth of inspection.

What warranties does Philadelphia Gear offer?

We are proud to provide one of the industry’s best warranties for gears: five years for newly manufactured gearboxes, and three years for gearbox repairs. Click here to learn more.

What’s the process for receiving a quote?

A Philadelphia Gear expert will come evaluate your equipment, and if needed, arrange to send it to our of local facilities for further inspection . We will then provide an inspection report with recommendations, prices, and lead times, providing a root cause analysis for the failure whenever possible. We do our best to provide a fixed flat price and avoid additional charges.

How can I contact you?

Our goal is to make contacting us as easy as possible. Simply give us a call – we’re always here to help.


We’re standing by to help you with your most complex gearbox challenges. Connect with one of our specialists today.

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