Gearbox support for commercial or military marine applications

Complete support for any propulsion system configuration

  • CODAG – Combined Diesel and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODOG – Combined Diesel and Gas (one or the other)
  • COSAG – Combined Steam and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODAD – Combined Diesel and Diesel (together or separately)
  • CODOD – Combined Diesel or Diesel (one or the other)
  • COGAG – Combined Gas and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODELAD – Combined Diesel Electric and Diesel (together or separately)
  • CODELOD – Combined Diesel Electric or Diesel (one or the other)
  • CODELAG – Combined Diesel Electric and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODELOG – Combined Diesel Electric or Gas (one or the other)

CO = Combined
D = Diesel
G = Gas Turbine
EL= Electric Motor
O = Or (but not both at the same time)
A = And (together at the same time, or separately)
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