U.S. Government Parts by National Stock Number

Thank you for considering Philadelphia Gear® for U.S. Government replacement parts. We are pleased to provide this page as a service to its USG resellers in an effort to speed their responses to their USG customers. This page is designed to serve as a quotation as well as a means to submit requests for quotes. We recommend that all USG resellers check here for prices before creating and or forwarding new RFQs to Philadelphia Gear.


  1. Check the list below for parts prices before sending an RFQ to Philadelphia Gear. If the part(s) sought ARE listed, then this page serves as your quotation. Please note terms and conditions below and fax your purchase order to 610-337-5637. Thank you for your order.
  2. If the part required is NOT listed below, please click here to submit a request for quote. Prices for standard items will be posted here within 24 hrs


  • All prices shown are FOB Ex-works and in US dollars. Packaging is per our standard.
  • All prices shown below are valid until expiration date shown.
  • All prices are based on ea. Quantity discounts are not applicable.
  • Payment terms are Net 30 days after shipment. Terms are subject to credit approval.
  • Minimum order value is $500.
  • Shipment will be made from the Regional Service Center closest to the destination.
NSN # Philadelphia Gear part # Description Qty Price Ea (USD) Delivery(weeks) Weight(LBS) Price Expiration Date
NSN #nsn PGP #partnum DESCpartdesc QTYqty PRICE$ WEEKSdelweek LBSweight EXPIRESexpirationdate
NSN #2010-01-032-8954 PGP #611C402-023 DESCSlip Ring, Half QTY 6 PRICE$7,364 WEEKS20 LBS30 EXPIRESJul 5 2024
NSN #3010-01-184-4666 PGP #50480-0310 (same as 01070-0223 Piece 229) DESCShaft, Pump Cplg. Price subject to prior sale. QTY 1 PRICE$1,095 WEEKS8 LBS15 EXPIRESJun 28 2024
NSN #3120-01-183-5709 PGP #50045-1457 DESCBearing, Sleeve QTY 6 PRICE$1,666 WEEKS18 LBS5 EXPIRESJul 19 2024
NSN #3120-01-502-9563 PGP #1110513-1 DESCH.S. Bearing Assembly QTY 2 PRICE$15,701 WEEKS25 LBS10 EXPIRESJul 13 2024
NSN #4310-01-555-8085 PGP #38G4135-1 DESCBreather QTY 11 PRICE$10,815 WEEKS52 LBS1 EXPIRESJun 23 2024
NSN #4320-01-267-7586 PGP #36001-2280 (Same as 61697) DESCSeal Assembly QTY 1 PRICE$24,925 WEEKS36 LBS50 EXPIRESJul 17 2024
NSN #4730-01-259-2243 PGP #4048G58-662 DESCElbow QTY 16 PRICE$735 WEEKS12 LBS1 EXPIRESJun 23 2024
NSN #5310-00-177-1291 PGP #6643035-5 DESCHex Nut QTY 34 PRICE$156 WEEKS11 LBS1 EXPIRESJun 23 2024
NSN #5310-01-397-3453 PGP #4804854-5 DESCLockwasher QTY 20 PRICE$99 WEEKS12 LBS2 EXPIRESJun 21 2024
NSN #5310-01-560-2388 PGP #4866183-1 DESCElastic Lock Nut QTY 33 PRICE$30 WEEKS9 LBS2 EXPIRESJul 3 2024
NSN #5325-01-556-9093 PGP #643A412-27 DESCRetaining Ring QTY 9 PRICE$100 WEEKS9 LBS3 EXPIRESJul 5 2024
NSN #5330-01-513-6997 PGP #36000-2537 (Same as 01070-0384 Line Item 16) DESCGasket QTY 17 PRICE$248 WEEKS13 LBS5 EXPIRESJul 17 2024
NSN #5330-01-513-7014 PGP #36000-1310 DESCGasket QTY 17 PRICE$208 WEEKS12 LBS5 EXPIRESJul 14 2024
NSN #5340-01-255-1777 PGP #3051G28-1 DESCCover Access, Isolator QTY 10 PRICE$2,685 WEEKS18 LBS25 EXPIRESJun 23 2024
NSN #5365-01-184-5573 PGP #50315-6686 (Same as PN 01070-0223 PIECE 84) DESCOil Seal Spacer QTY 2 PRICE$1,268 WEEKS16 LBS4 EXPIRESJun 23 2024
NSN #5365-01-420-6158 PGP #769A431-1 DESCShim QTY 4 PRICE$1,994 WEEKS20 LBS7 EXPIRESJun 29 2024
NSN #6680-01-142-9794 PGP #748C567-1 (Same as PN 348C567) DESCSight Flow Indicator. Price/Lead time subject to prior sale. QTY 2 PRICE$4,550 WEEKS10 LBS15 EXPIRESJun 22 2024
NSN #6680-01-514-9674 PGP #50215-1259 DESCHousing Oil Indicator QTY 1 PRICE$4,918 WEEKS36 LBS10 EXPIRESJul 14 2024

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