Marine Propulsion System Configurations

Philadelphia Gear can supply main reduction gears and related equipment to suit virtually any propulsion system’s arrangement requirements.

  • CODAG- Combined Diesel and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODOG- Combined Diesel and Gas (one or the other)
  • COSAG- Combined Steam and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODAD- Combined Diesel and Diesel (together or separately)
  • CODOD- Combined Diesel or Diesel (one or the other)
  • COGAG - Combined Gas and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODELAD- Combined Diesel Electric and Diesel (together or separately)
  • CODELOD- Combined Diesel Electric or Diesel (one or the other)
  • CODELAG- Combined Diesel Electric and Gas (together or separately)
  • CODELOG- Combined Diesel Electric or Gas (one or the other)

D = Diesel                      |  CO = Combined
G = Gas Turbine          |  O = Or (but not both at the same time)
EL= Electric Motor   |  A = And together (at the same time or separately)

Hybrid Electric Arrangements

Military Marine Applications
Philadelphia Gear Marine Applications

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