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"Acoustic Properties of Industrial Machinery"

This white paper is to inform you generally on the topic of noise as related to industrial machinery. This technical brief encompasses topics ranging from the basics of noise to methods of lowering sound levels is noisy conditions.


"The Cooling Tower Gear Drive Dilemma:

Why applying commodity products to an engineered
solution can cause premature failure"

This paper has examined several of the operational challenges of the cooling tower gear drive application and their impact relative to cooling tower enclosed drive design. A discussion on commodity gearbox designs versus engineered solutions was covered, as well as, operational enhancements for reasonable value-added design upgrades to help increase lifecycle and operating performance.


"Environmental Impacts on Gearboxes"

The purpose of this paper is to provide plant managers and service technicians with the knowledge to identify key environmental conditions that could have a detrimental effect on gearbox life, and, in doing so, provide them with an effective maintenance program to obtain the optimum performance and extend the life of their gearbox.


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Free Technical White Papers

arrowAcoustic Properties

arrowCooling Tower Gear Drive

arrowEffective Lubrication System

arrowEnvironmental Impacts on Gearboxes

arrowPreventive Maintenance

"Preventive Maintenance: An Examination of the Root Causes of Gearbox Failure"

When equipment fails, often a plant manager’s biggest concern is how to get the equipment running again. However, equally important to getting it back online is discovering 1) why the equipment failed, and 2) how such a failure can be prevented in the future. This paper provides plant managers and service technicians with the knowledge to identify causes of gearbox failure, a crucial link in the power transmission chain, with hope that it will lead them to establishing an effective preventative maintenance program of their own.


"Understanding and Maintaining an Effective Lubrication System"

This paper provides plant managers, engineers and service technicians with the knowledge necessary to both understand the necessity of a well-designed lubrication system and, just as importantly, how to maintain an effective lubrication system. This piece examines the number of lubricant types available, as well as the systems used to supply such lubricant throughout a gearbox. A shortfall in the understanding of these concepts can lead to premature gearbox failure.


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