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From the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and Alaska, to offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, the petrochemical industry relies on Philadelphia Gear high speed drives and transmission equipment to power the machinery used in gas and oil gathering and compression. Philadelphia Gear provides this industry with high speed, high precision, high horsepower gear drives, as well as innovative solutions to meet the industry's power generation needs.


In an industry where machinery failure results in not only lost time, but also lost dollars in natural resources wasted, Philadelphia Gear's technical service expertise is crucial for maintaining the gearing used for petroleum and natural gas pumping. Philadelphia Gear technical experts, working to our high engineering standards, ensure that our gearing continues to provide exceptional service for this important industry.


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Philadelphia Gear provides products and service for the following companies:

Philadelphia Gear's Services for the Petrochemical Services.
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Petroleum Refining, Process & Offshore

Amoco Oil (
Anderson Exploration (
Aramco (
Arco (
British Petroleum (
Bariven - S.A.
Chevron, S.A. (
Citgo (
Clark Refining (
Conoco (
Crown Central (
Exxon (
Fina (
Lyondel Petrochemical
Mobil Oil (
Petrobas America, Inc. (
Petro Ecuador (
Petroleos Mexicanos (
Phillips 66 (
Shell Oil (
Sun Refining (
Tosco Refining (

Pumping & Engineering Applications

Alyeska Pipeline (
ANR Pipeline (
Aquila Gas Pipeline (
Colonial Pipeline (
Dixie Pipeline (
Flowserve (
LA County Sanitation (
Las Vegas Valley Water (
Passaic Valley Water
Trunkline Gas Company (
Williams Energy (
Williams Field Services (


With international offices in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as U.S. regional facilities in the northeast, southeast, Midwest, gulf coast, and west coast, Philadelphia Gear is uniquely positioned to meet the high gearbox repair demands of national and global industrial operations. For more than a century, titans in the petrochemical, refining, pipeline, mining, power generation, water management, and marine industries all over the world have relied on Philadelphia Gear’s gearbox repair services to ensure their domestic and foreign brand power transmission equipment runs consistently at full capacity. Local service, national support, and global expertise, Philadelphia Gear is the choice source for inspection and measurement, engineering evaluation, repairs, spin and load testing, uprating, reverse engineering, and more. Click here for the contact information of the Philadelphia Gear facility nearest you.

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