Timken offers most comprehensive industrial drivetrain repair in the U.S.

Differentiated approach to reconditioning bearings, gear drives and motors contributes to the circular economy

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, April 10, 2021 — The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR; www.timken.com), a global industrial leader in engineered bearings and power transmission products, offers the most comprehensive end-to-end drivetrain repair and overhaul solutions in the United States using expertise solely within its network of brands. Timken’s broad electromechanical knowledge and capabilities transcend any single service category to create a differentiated offering. By using Timken’s services, customers save money and contribute to the circular economy by extending the lives of mission critical equipment and parts that are essential to keeping the world in motion.

“Greater efficiency has always been core to our operations and product innovations,” said Carl Rapp, Timken group vice president. “It’s important for all of our customers to know that bearings, gear drives and motors can often be returned to good-as-new condition, with a new warranty, following a normal service outage or failure. We continuously leverage our engineering expertise to develop more sustainable solutions that extend the life of these essential machine parts, while reducing their cost, waste and carbon footprint. Keeping high-quality steel in the recycling loop protects the environment and contributes to the circular economy.”

Timken has more than a century of combined experience remanufacturing bearings, gear drives, electric motors and generators. The company offers a complete line of services that consume significantly less raw material than manufacturing new products. Through its industrial repair and service business, Timken helps reduce the environmental impact by recycling more than 1,000 tons of steel and 75 tons of copper each year from service parts that can’t be reused.

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As part of its contribution to the circular economy, Timken recertifies, reconditions, remanufactures, and modifies most types of bearings. For gear drives, electric motors and generators, the company also offers emergency repair, upgrade and uprating services that help restore customers’ equipment to “like-new” condition. Taking advantage of these services can save customers up to 60 percent compared to the cost of a new product, and Timken offers an industry-leading warranty.

Customers typically send out-of-service parts to Timken, which conducts a detailed inspection and restoration process and returns like-new bearings, gear drives and motors in often significantly less time than it takes to manufacture new products. Many customers also keep repaired parts as spares. When a damaged part needs to be replaced, they can pull from their own inventory, send the damaged unit to Timken to be repaired or rebuilt and continue the cycle of sustainability with minimum downtime. In many cases, parts can be repaired multiple times without sacrificing quality, safety or performance.

April 10, 2021
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