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Philadelphia Gear


Philadelphia Gear's Synchrotorque line includes hydroviscous drives for variable output speed and torque control, as well as clutching, braking and load absorbing. Products are available in horizontal and vertical configurations as both stand-alone assemblies or with built-in step-up or step-down gearing. Equipment enhanced by use with Synchrotorque include pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, test stands, crusher drives, mill drives and marine propulsion drive trains.

Because Synchrotorque products have 100-percent lockup capability, they offer significant energy savings over other variable speed device types that operate with fixed slip losses. This energy savings represents a significant reduction in lifecycle cost. And now, with the advent of the Mark VII Controller, Synchrotorque technology has taken another step forward.

Synchrotorque hydroviscous drives operate by shearing an oil film to transmit torque - transmitting in proportion to a variable clamping force. For unrestrained loads, the higher the clamping force, the faster the output speed. The input drive-plate functions as the driver, and the output friction disc is faced with a suitably grooved resilient material, acting as the driven member. Precisely controlled clamping pressure between input drives, plates and output friction discs allows for virtually infinite speed control right up to 100-percent of input speed. This is the basis for controlled torque transmission in the Synchrotorque drive.

Synchrotorque technology