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Make Sure That Your Gearbox Passes the Test with Performance Testing By PG

When you receive a gearbox or gearbox component manufactured or repaired by Philadelphia Gear, you can be confident that we have comprehensively tested your equipment to ensure its optimal performance. Our multi-step gearbox repair and overhaul process includes full-speed spin tests, instrumented with oil temperature, pressure, flow and vibration monitors. After skillfully taking your equipment through the earlier parts of the gearbox repair and overhaul process, including full disassembly and cleaning, inspection and measurement, engineering evaluation and recommendations, and reverse engineering, the experts at PG test everything to rigorous standards.

Whether you’ve come to us with variable speed drives, crusher drives, high speed gearboxes, bevel gear drives, parallel shafts, or enclosed drives, you can be sure that our century’s worth of experience and innovation enables PG to repair, restore, refurbish, and overhaul your gearboxes, solving any problems that you have and providing you with equipment that you can rely on. Don’t leave the quality of your gearboxes to chance; make sure that they pass the PG test.

Countless industry leaders in fields like power generation, refining and processing rely on PG to overhaul and improve the efficiency of their gearboxes. These companies know that PG, a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturing Association, is committed to excellence in all stages of the gearbox repair and overhaul process. If you’re in an industry that requires the optimal performance of gearboxes and their components, then trust PG to provide you with superior manufacturing, repair, and service.

Outperform the Competition with Gearbox Repair
and Overhaul from Philadelphia Gear

With a strategically located presence around the country, PG is in an excellent position to address any gearbox problems, regardless of where they are taking place. Each of our five facilities offer the whole spectrum of gearbox-related services, including manufacturing of new enclosed drives. From the oil fields of the Middle East to the water management plants of Las Vegas, PG equips industry-leading companies with the gearboxes necessary for unparalleled performance. A critical element of this comprehensive suite of products and services is the testing process, which assures you that your gearboxes and their components will be equal to the task for which they were designed.