CORE – Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment

Philadelphia Gear’s CORETM System Virtually Eliminates Ferrous Metal Contamination as a Cause of Lubrication Related Failures in Gearboxes

The smallest particle that can be seen by the human eye is 40 microns. But ferrous metal particles much smaller than this can cause extraordinary amounts of damage to shipboard rotating equipment over time.

By upgrading the existing filtration system to include CORE, which can remove particles as small as one micron, ferrous particles can be removed before causing damage and premature failure.

Philadelphia Gear

How the Technology Works

At the center of the Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment is a series of annular magnets with larger steel plates shrouding them. These plates, which have a series of flow channels running through them, become fully magnetized. When the oil is filtered through the plates, it is subjected to a high magnetic flux that focuses the magnetic field at the tips of the plates. The result is that the contaminants are drawn into collection areas between the plates and permanently removed.

Additionally, the filter creates little to no pressure drop because CORE is designed so that the flow channels sum to a greater volume than that of the inlet pipe. Because the debris is stored out of the oil flow it also helps prevent “wash off” since the contaminant is isolated and cannot wash back into the oil.

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Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment
Uniwue Characteristics of CORE

Unique Characteristics of CORE

  • No pressure drop means filter can be placed on suction side of pump if space constraints dictate
  • Accessible for condition monitoring of the power transmission system
  • Pressure drop is avoided even when the filter element is full
  • Oil viscosity does not affect the filter performance
  • Can hold up to 2.2 lbs. of debris
  • Won’t clog even when full
  • Easily cleaned with compressed air
  • Magnets have 50-year half life
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