Philadelphia Gear's rugged, high-torque cement mill drives are vital links in the manufacturing process of cement plants worldwide. Bevel-helical and bevel-epicyclic roller mill drive designs have been supplied by Philadelphia Gear for roller mill applications, and primary motor driven parallel shaft reducers (which drive final reduction pinions and girth gear sets for grinding/ball mill applications) have been a particular area of excellence at Philadelphia Gear for nearly a century.

Most recently, central mill split-train epicyclic designs have been developed and supplied to the industry. These units, in particular, are compact and offer enhanced maintainability - important because cement mill drives are difficult to assess and repair, and are often pushed to the output capacity of their design. Plants utilizing Philadelphia Gear's inspect and repair service can have these units repaired and rebuilt to their original specifications - or even engineered to higher speed or load carrying capabilities. Plus, these plants can benefit from other innovative solutions from Philadelphia Gear.

Our extensive design and manufacturing experience, combined with our ability to provide the lowest total lifecycle cost for power transmission equipment, makes Philadelphia Gear a leading goods and service provider to the cement industry.

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Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear provides gearing products and services for the following companies:

Blue Circle (www.cement.bluecircle.co.uk) 
Calaveras (www.calaverascement.com) 
Cementos Colon, S.A.
Essroc (www.essroc.com) 
Fuller (www.fullerco.com) 
Glen Falls Lehigh
Hanson Permanente
Holnam (www.holnam.com) 
Lafarge Corp. (www.lafargenorthamerica.com) 
Roanoke Cement (www.roanoke-cement.com) 
Texas Lehigh (www.texaslehigh.com) 
Tilbury (www.lehighcement.com) 
Philadelphia Gear's rugged, high-torque cement mill drives are vital links in the manufacturing process of cement plants worldwide.

At Philadelphia Gear, we know mission critical equipment replacement or extended downtime is not an option. High efficiency and productivity in your plant is essential and for this reason Philadelphia Gear offers expert on-site gearbox repair as a complementary service to our customers. In the event of gearbox failure, our on-site technical services team will travel to your location, determine the cause, correct it, and change out all existing bearings and seals, disassemble and reassemble the entire unit as well as the ancillary equipment that was mounted to it, machine scored shafts as appropriate, and check the housing for parallelism. All this and more will be done in the field in time for unit restart. Customers turn to Philadelphia Gear for rapid turnaround gearbox repair for their power transmission equipment problems. Speak directly with a service representative by calling 1-800-766-5120 today.

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