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Philadelphia Gear

Gearbox Repairs, Engine Restoration, Bevel Gear Drives, Transmission Gearbox Overhaul

Welcome to Philadelphia Gear, now part of Timken Power Systems, and an expert vendor qualified to address all of your gearbox needs including gear box repairs and maintenance on parallel shafts and high speed gearboxes. Along with our proprietary brands, which include Western Gear, WesTech Gear, Hamilton Gear, GE Military Marine and Delaval Steam Turbine, Philadelphia Gear has long been known for its dedication to quality and its commitment to providing the longest lasting gearboxes in the industry. As a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA), PG is uniquely positioned to help restore the integrity of powertrains, enhance gearbox performance, and address issues with virtually any enclosed gear drives: bevel, bevel helical, parallel shaft, epicyclics and more.

Experts in the fields of power generation, mining, and water management choose us to help them function at optimal capacity because they know that PG is the only gear vendor offering a regional service and manufacturing approach while supplying a national network of customer support. Capable of providing answers to gearbox problems, refurbishment for transmissions, and repairs, Philadelphia Gear and the Timken Power Systems team have all the services necessary to ensure optimal motor, switchgear, generator and gearbox performance. We’ve offered superior service for 125 years, surviving wars and the Great Depression and evolving to meet the needs of all of our customers, from the United States Navy to NASA. Browse our website to see the variety of services offered by PG and TPS.

The success of your operation depends on gears that function reliably; don’t jeopardize productivity by using faulty or inferior gearboxes or components. The titans of the petrochemical industry choose Philadelphia Gear (PG) to power their petroleum refining and processing; they do so because for more than a century we have demonstrated an unsurpassed level of quality and customer satisfaction in all of our services. As a world-class original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and designer of gearboxes, PG has expansive knowledge that covers a vast area of the industrial gearbox realm, including crusher drives and variable speed drives. We have the team members and the experience necessary to assist you with your mechanical gears, industrial gearboxes, and gearbox leaks. Trust PG to provide the excellent manufacturing and maintenance that is necessary for your industry’s success.

Gear Manufacturing, Gearbox Leaks, Variable Speed Drives, Power Transmission Restoration

At PG, we’re qualified to handle all phases of gearbox repair and overhaul. We offer full disassembly and cleaning, inspection and measurement, and engineering evaluation and recommendations, including upgrading and modifications and reverse engineering. If you need a performance, spin, or load test, trust PG. Our expertise covers the whole range of gearbox repair and manufacturing, right down to reinstallation and inspection. And we not only offer repair of PG and subsidiary gearboxes, but of other brand-name gearboxes as well. Whether your gearbox powers the machinery that grinds sugar cane or runs the steepest-angle, highest -tension slope belts in North America, you can be sure that you’re in good hands with PG. Next time you’re face with a gearbox-related issue, turn to Philadelphia Gear, where our expertise will help put your project in gear.