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OTS Capabilities

Onsite Technical Services Capabilities from A to Z

Virtually anything you’ll run into that’s related to any brand or any type of gearbox can be handled by our OTS program. We do what we are experts in, so that you can be freed up to do what you are expert in. The following is a list of core activities that we provide to our customers designed specifically to do just one thing: help them achieve their goal of reducing downtime. By entrusting your rotating equipment to our Onsite Technical Services experts, you are taking a significant step in that direction.

  • Alignment services including laser, optical and reverse
  • Balancing of rotating elements
  • Complete on-site gearbox overhauling capability
  • Diagnostic services with full customer documentation
  • Engineering and reverse engineering of components
  • Failure analysis
  • Grouting of foundations and equipment
  • Housing re-boring
  • In-place machining
  • Journal and gear hardness checks
  • Keyway cutting
  • Line boring
  • Non-destructive testing including magnetic particle inspection
  • Millwright services
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance programs
  • Quality and safety certifications
  • Removal and reinstallation of gearboxes and related equipment
  • Spare parts and drive exchange programs available
  • Temperature readings by infrared laser
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Welding
  • X-factor of more than a century’s worth of experience
  • Yellow gear marking compound for tooth contact checks
  • Zero defect operating philosophy
Onsite Technical Services Capabilities