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Philadelphia Gear Services an Existing MRG Installation


As a major shipbuilder was preparing a Navy vessel for main engine light off and dock trials, they found that the pinions on one of the main reduction gears had rusted due to improper storage conditions prior to installation.  The call came into PGC on a Thursday afternoon, and by Monday morning, PGC technicians were on the ship and the shipyard crew had started disassembling the reduction gear housing.  By Saturday, after the technicians had worked extended shifts for the entire week, the first pinion had been removed and was being shipped to PGC’s Los Angeles regional service center for repair and refurbishment.  The second pinion followed suit early the next week.  Both pinions were re-worked within ten days and shipped back to the shipyard for reinstallation.  The reinstallation of the pinions and reassembly of the reduction gear was accomplished in just over a week.


As a result of these efforts, within a month from receiving the initial phone call detailing the problem, the pinions had been rehabilitated, and the reduction gear had been restored to proper working order.  The shipbuilder was able to complete main engine light-off and dock trails as originally scheduled.


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Emergency Rebuild for the Sugar Industry
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