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Single and Double Reduction Cooling Tower Drives

The function of the cooling tower drive is to transmit power to a cooling fan that blows air across the cooling medium (usually water) that’s been heated during the production process. In order to pass large volumes of air over the hot water to cool it, it is imperative that dependable single or double reduction gearboxes be employed.


No matter what your application, or what process industry you work in, rest assured that we have engineered and manufactured a cooling tower drive suitable for your application.

Features of our single and double reduction cooling tower drives include:

  • Single reduction unit powers up to 582 HP, and ratios up to 9.75:1
  • Double reduction unit powers up to 940 HP, and ratios up to 25:1
  • High quality, heavy-duty gearbox housings
  • Heat-treated alloy steel shaft surfaces precision ground to mate with gears, bearings and seal journals
  • Splash lubrication systems (single reduction); splash and pressure lubrication systems (double reduction)
  • All units designed to both AGMA and Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) standards

Optional design features include:

  • Motor driven oil pumps
  • Oil immersion heaters
  • High quality, heavy-duty gearbox housings
  • Breathers for corrosive atmospheres
  • Special exterior paints
  • Anti-corrosive hardware
  • Custom shaft extensions
  • Oil, temperature and vibration condition monitoring equipment