Upgrade Opportunities

Longer Gear Life Through Metal Hardening

There are a range of options available when it comes to strengthening gears. A variety of processes can handle everything from relatively simple through-hardening techniques, to the more complex case-hardening processes, such as nitriding and carburizing. These heat treating techniques, along with advances in gear grinding technology, now make it possible to grind case-hardened gears and dramatically effect the equipment’s overall lifecycle.

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Coupling Analysis Ensures Optimum Power Transmission

Whether you are using gear type or grid type couplings in a standard or reverse mounted configuration, it isn't necessary to remove them from the input or output shafts before sending your gearbox to one of our service centers for overhaul or upgrade.

We suggest that you leave the halfcouplings on the gearbox shafts so that we can inspect the condition of the teeth, seals, bores and key ways. This will help our site engineers to ensure that the coupling is properly rated for the gearbox, which is very important when a gear ratio change or an uprate of the load has occurred. Our service centers can upgrade the existing coupling to help ensure better efficiency.

Smart Add-ons Reduce Anxiety

Our upgrades can include: diagnostic instrumentation to warn against a pending failure, reinforced housings to add stability, or user-friendly oil filtration systems, among others.

Coupling Analysis Ensures Optimum Power Transmission

Upgrades Extend the Life of Your Gearbox


  • Grinding to achieve better tooth geometry
  • AGMA quality standards
  • Heat treating


  • Analysis of speed and load conditions ensure proper bearing selection
  • Closer tolerance rolling element bearings increase life
  • 10% increase in load cuts B-10 bearing life by 35%
  • Fluid film (sleeve-type) bearings evaluated to match current operating characteristics
  • Less vibration and lower operating temperatures achieved


  • Addition of oil coolers (water or air)
  • Replace or augment splash lubrication with addition of external lube system
  • Shift to duplex filtration so unit can be serviced while operating
  • Upgrade lip seals to face seals
  • Install ferrous metal filtration system–CORE®

Call a product specialist today to discuss the wide array of upgrade opportunities to help extend the life of your equipment.

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