Philadelphia Gear

Features and Benefits of Philadelphia Gear Brand High-Speed Drives

When it comes to high-speed gear drives it all comes down to performance. All the features and benefits in the world don’t mean a thing if a unit doesn’t run reliably. At Philadelphia Gear we design every gearbox – and have done so for more than 120 years – with one goal: To provide the highest possible levels of uptime, all the time.

  • Housings – Rugged design adds strength and rigidity, helping to maintain precise alignment of gears and bearings. Cast iron or fabricated housings are available for custom designs.
  • Bearings – Split, steel-backed, Babbitt lined precision journal bearings with thrust faces are engineered to account for axial loads.
  • Shafts – Precision machined from heat treated, high quality alloy steel. Oversized to rigidly maintain gear alignment and protect from overload.
  • Gear Design – Philadelphia Gear high-speed gears are designed, manufactured and assembled with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Pinions – Integral with shafts, precision hobbed, finished ground, and either through-hardened or case carburized per specifications.
  • Gears – Precision quality, through-hardened, or case carburized steel forgings. Precision hobbed and ground for accuracy and superior finish.
  • Seals – Aluminum labyrinth seals prevent shaft leaks at extreme temperatures.
  • Efficiency – Over 98%, running at full capacity, achieved by precise gearing manufacturing processes and highly accurate bearing alignment.
  • Dynamically Balanced – Assures smooth operation at high rotating speeds of all rotating elements.
  • API / Instrumentation – All units can be built to API standards and have a wide range of available instrumentation options to satisfy any application requirements.
High Speed Pump Drive

Tested in the Shop to Achieve Optimal Performance in the Field

Full-speed tests of high-speed drives under variable conditions, together with the use of sophisticated instrumentation to analyze vibration, sound levels, lubrication and gear mesh frequencies is a standard operating procedure at Philadelphia Gear.

The facilities available for product testing include a variety of power sources up to 1,500 horsepower and dynamometers ranging up to 15,000 RPM.

All Philadelphia Gear brand high-speed drives are thoroughly spin-tested at field operating speeds. Shaft vibrations are monitored on both “X” and “Y” axes to ensure reliability and acceptable levels of sound, oil and bearing temperatures, as well as gear tooth patterns are thoroughly checked and documented.