Philadelphia Gear

OEM Renewal Parts and Custom Services Key to Long-Term Reliability

Philadelphia Gear, now a brand of The Timken Company, as well as its other proprietary brands – WesTech®, Western Gear® and DeLaval Steam Turbine – have designed and manufactured tens of thousands of high-speed drives used in applications within the power generation, oil and gas, marine and pipeline industries.

As a world leading OEM of this type of equipment, we strongly believe that the costs of downtime are not worth the marginal savings that come with buying inferior parts. Critical features such as material, heat treating and surface finish are often areas that are overlooked and can cause inferior performance and unplanned outages.

Buying authentic parts directly from Philadelphia Gear means that replacement parts are made to the correct specifications and include any engineered improvements or upgrades that have been applied to the original design. In today’s “do more with less” environment, this is simply not an acceptable risk.