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Engineered Upgrades to Get More Out of Your Equipment

Things change over time. Yesterday’s state-of-the-art equipment is today’s high risk machine. How many changes to your processes and outputs have occurred since your critical equipment was installed 10, 20, 30 or more years ago? Chances are, plenty. In that same timespan, capital funds for equipment replacement have been increasingly hard to come by. With over a century of gear design and manufacturing experience, we understand the pressure you're under to keep things running at peak efficiency. After all, our goal is the same as yours: reduce unplanned downtime.

Upgraded Gearbox Increases Output by 25%

A major petrochemical customer in Louisiana was faced with a common problem: how to be more productive without a major capital expenditure. The company was already running two refrigeration insulation production lines and was challenged to achieve more output without adding another line.

One of their engineers had an idea. If they could increase the speed of the gear drives that drove the kilns used in their finishing processes, they would be able to process more material without having to change out the motor.

The engineer called our regional service center in Houston, Texas and asked, "Could the gear ratio be changed while allowing the rest of the drive train to stay in the existing gearbox footprint? After the analysis was completed on this complex drive (triple reduction parallel shaft configuration), our service center determined that the unit could be upgraded by changing the gear ratios on the high-speed end only. Ultimately, this resulted in a 25% increase in output speed from 42.5 RPM to 53 RPM.

Upgraded Gearbox Increases Output by 25%