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Technical Field Services

Philadelphia Gear provides technical services ranging from complete gearbox repair, maintenance and upgrade services for both new and existing power transmission equipment to state-of-the-art gearbox condition monitoring and predictive maintenance analysis. Supported by our experienced staff of power transmission engineers, technical services personnel provide detailed failure analysis assistance, as well as equipment design upgrades to support our customers' needs for ever increasing process requirements.


Prepared by broad experience with virtually every type of power transmission application, Philadelphia Gear engineers and technical personnel understand the critical relationships between elements of a gear drive, as well as the demands of specific field applications. Working closely with Design Engineering, Renewal Parts, and the regional service and manufacturing facility personnel, Philadelphia Gear's Technical Service Department delivers turnkey solutions to our customers' gearbox operational problems.


The following field service resources assist in technical services provided by Philadelphia Gear:


  • Field service technicians are strategically located around the U.S. to minimize response time and reduce costs. Our experienced staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for service anywhere.
Philadelphia Gear Technical Field Services
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  • Regional service and manufacturing facilities are located throughout the U.S. to provide routine and emergency services, including gearbox inspection, teardown and repair; site inspection; parts replacement; assembly; test; and start-up assistance.
  • Philadelphia Gear has developed strategic alliances with several key suppliers, enhancing the capabilities and coverage we offer our customers.


The following field service customer support programs are available from Philadelphia Gear:


  • Start-Up Assistance: A unique blend of gearbox design and practical operational experience provides smooth start-up of new or recently repaired equipment.
  • Equipment Repair: Whether on-site or at our regional service and manufacturing facilities, Philadelphia Gear's world-class service engineers and technicians are experts in repair and upgrades of existing power transmission equipment.
  • Troubleshooting: From system down to component level, our service engineers and technicians, supported by our knowledgeable engineering staff, have the ability to quickly identify and resolve gearbox operational problems.
  • Vibration Analysis and Diagnostics: Philadelphia Gear can help customers interpret the vibration data they collect on their critical rotating equipment in order to help them avoid unscheduled equipment or process shutdowns. To avail yourself of these services, please contact our Field Service department by clicking here.
  • Oil Analysis: By analyzing particulate content and concentration in the oil, we are able to monitor the condition of an operating gearbox. Further analysis of the oil yields vital information concerning the condition of the lubricant used in the equipment.
  • Failure Analysis: Root cause determination of a failure is critical in confidently returning a gearbox to service. Our service engineers look at the entire system, from operational loads, equipment design, equipment maintenance, and the failed components to determine failure cause and permanent corrective action.
  • Design Upgrades: Equipment upgrades are critical to today's production-driven manufacturing environment, supporting changing process requirements including expanding capacity, increasing reliability, and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Educational Services: General programs for site personnel are available for the maintenance and servicing of gearboxes. In addition, Philadelphia Gear will develop custom training programs for particular applications, or classes of machinery. Courses are designed to balance the level of technical detail with the practical information necessary for proper operation, servicing, or maintenance of power transmission equipment.



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