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The test stand, ideal for high-speed/high-torque gearbox units, allows Philadelphia Gear to provide nationwide gearbox testing


August 13, 2004 (Norristown, PA) – Philadelphia Gear Corporation, a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, announces the availability of a new 1500 HP test stand at its Eastern Region Service center in New Castle, Delaware. The acquisition and availability of the new test stand extends Philadelphia Gear's existing diagnostic testing capabilities for high-speed and high-torque gearbox units to the east coast (Philadelphia Gear operates a similar test stand through its Western Region Service Center in Lynwood, California).


The test stand, powered by a variable speed Philadelphia Gear Synchrotorque® hydro-viscous clutch, allows Philadelphia Gear personnel to run qualification testing on repaired gearboxes prior to

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reinstalling the units. The new test stand provides no-load testing of gearboxes up to 60,000 HP and speeds of up to 120 percent of the tested gearbox speed, as rated by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The test stand's two-speed lubrication system is capable of testing any gearbox with lubrication requirements up to 400 gal/min. The stand's cooling tower can cool the equivalent of 1500 HP.

"There are not many dedicated test stands in the country that can handle this amount of power," comments Richard Chrzanowski, General Manager for Philadelphia Gear's Eastern Region.


The new test stand allows Philadelphia Gear to provide an important service in ensuring successful gearbox repair and maintenance - a service in demand by many of its customers. "The volume of testing at our Lynwood facility's test stand certainly justified the investment we've made in our Eastern Region Service Center," comments Jules DeBaecke Vice President, Engineering for Philadelphia Gear.


DeBaecke continues, "The gearboxes we test on these large stands are oftentimes the lifeblood of a plant. Being able to provide testing on these larger gear units here on the East Coast allows our customers to be on-site or close by for the duration of the repair - we're saving time, money, and anxiety on the part of our customers by eliminating cross country shipping of units to be tested."


"Operating our new test stand is the equivalent of slipping the clutch in a manual transmission car - we start the motor unloaded, then we slowly engage the clutch until we reach the required input speed of the gearbox," says Chrzanowski. "This capability allows us to test a repaired gearbox while simulating a range of real world operating and load conditions - it's truly a unique capability."


The test stand is operated via a control center, used to start, stop and monitor the Synchrotorque controller. The control center has the ability to perform vibration analysis (32 simultaneous points), as well as spectrum analysis (4 channels), and can provide waterfall plot data, to demonstrate how vibration readings change as speed varies. Analyzing waterfall plot data allows an operator to determine the cause of vibration anomalies. In all, the control center provides up to 151 channels of data, monitoring temperature, speed, torque and other operational variables.


Prior to installing the test stand, Philadelphia Gear had been using a 350HP variable speed drive, as well as other miscellaneous equipment, to provide no-load spin testing on repaired gear drives. The new stand gives Philadelphia Gear the ability to spin larger gearboxes at higher speeds.


Chrzanowski notes, "The test stand is ideal for testing larger high-speed units, including any gearbox of a 10,000HP rating and above - load gearboxes for power generation; large, high-speed compressor drives; units primarily used in petrochemical production and power generation. With the addition of the 1500HP stand, it's reasonable to believe we can accommodate any spin test requirement for Delaware Service Center served customer base"


The test facility is also appropriate for the testing of low speed, high-torque gearboxes, as well as accessory drives. The test stand can supply full-load testing, provided there is sufficient horsepower to put load on the drive. In addition, the test stand can be used to perform partial-load testing on units, which are generally less stable at no-load conditions.


A founding member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), Philadelphia Gear offers products and services found in use worldwide; from conveyor gear drives used in long wall coal mining operations, to emergency repair services critical to the power generation industries. The company serves thousands of customers across the globe from its regional service and manufacturing facilities in New Castle, DE; Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; and Los Angeles, CA. Philadelphia Gear is headquartered in Norristown, PA.


For more information on Philadelphia Gear, call 1-800-766-5120, fax 610-337-5637.




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