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Broad Range of Lubrication Systems
Now Protected from Ferrous Metal Contamination


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA, March 5, 2007 — Officials of Philadelphia Gear Corporation have announced the availability of two versions of the company’s proprietary CORE Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment. Launched as an alternative to traditional barrier filtration techniques, the CORE models filter metallic particles as small as one micron (one-millionth of a meter). Unique to Philadelphia Gear, these filters are now designed to fit lubrication systems ranging from .5 up to 2.0 inches in diameter, providing protection for critical rotating equipment not previously available.


According to Philadelphia Gear CEO Carl Rapp, the durability of each CORE filter is matched only by its compactness. “With a magnetic half-life of 50 years, each CORE unit is effectively projected to outlive virtually any machine you put it on,” said Rapp.

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The larger unit, designed for lubrication systems between 1.25 and 2.0 inches in diameter, weighs approximately 20 pounds and holds more than two pounds of debris. The smaller unit, designed for lubrication systems between .5’ and 1.25 inches, weighs approximately 5 pounds and holds nearly one pound of debris before cleaning is necessary. Both CORE versions hold significantly more contaminant than a conventional filter because of their three-dimensional storage capacity. This increased capacity also allows for longer periods of operation without service.


Inside the cast aluminum housing is an assembly of five magnets, each surrounded by a set of steel flux plates. A series of “collection zones” are machined into the plates such that oil flow is never restricted, even as debris begins to build up inside the filter.


“These plates create magnetic fields that strip ferrous metal contaminants out of the lubricant, while keeping the pressure flow at its maximum, constant rate and preventing debris from washing off back into the lubricant,” explained Rapp. “This is a significant advantage over other methods of filtration.” Additionally, the units are sized – even in very contaminated situations – to not require excessive maintenance. A routine cleaning is only required once a year and is easily accomplished by blowing air across the inside.


The units can be installed in duplex configurations so that they can be changed out or cleaned without ever shutting down the gearbox itself. One particular feature of the CORE is that is has virtually no pressure drop and therefore is particularly suitable for installing upstream of pumps for additional protection.


A founding member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), Philadelphia Gear offers products and services found in use worldwide; from conveyor gear drives used in long wall coal mining operations, to emergency repair services critical to the power generation industries. The company serves thousands of customers across the globe from its regional service and manufacturing facilities in New Castle, DE; Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; and Los Angeles, CA. Philadelphia Gear is headquartered in King of Prussia, PA.


For more information, call 800-766-5120, fax 610-337-5637.




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