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Technical Manuals

Philadelphia Gear technical manuals include important information on the installation, operation and maintenance of Philadelphia Gear drives. And, as the exclusive provider of Western Gear & WesTech products, Philadelphia Gear is pleased to make these manuals available for our customers' use as well.


20000 Series
Cooling Tower Speed Reducer:
[1.78 MB]

Cooling Tower and Air-Cooled Heat Exchange Drives [4 MB]

Cooling Tower Speed Reducer
Models: 2555, 2565, 2580, 2590, 2591, 2592, 2593
[3.5 MB]

Gearmotor Service Manual [7.7 MB]

High Capacity Enclosed Drives:
Operating and Maintenance Instructions
[9.1 BM]

High Speed Gear Drives [7.1 MB]

Installation of Bevel Gears [2.89 MB]

Moderate High Speed Gear Unit
Operation and Maintenance Manual
[6.17 MB]

Parallel Shaft Reducers:
Operating and Maintenance Instructions
[5.1 MB]

Parallel Shaft
Right Angle
[3.12 MB]

Speedmaster Reducers:
[3.85 MB]

3000 & 4000 Series
High Speed Units
[4.3 MB]

Speedmaster 10000 Series
High-Speed Gear Units:
[2.25 MB]

Spiral Bevel Speed Reducing Units [3.32 MB]

Synchrotorque Hydroviscous Drives
(100-20,000 Horsepowers)
[9 MB]

Worm Gear Speed Reducers [8.51 MB]



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